An excerpt from the intro to my new book that has not been written

Below is the start of the intro for a book I am thinking of writing, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. This is oddly something that I think I need to do. The thing is, I am afraid of what my dad will think. I call him some pretty bad names, even in this intro. I think it will be clear that I love him, and I truly do, but the truth of a situation can hurt, a lot. Dad, if you do read this, just know that I am in part writing this for you, and that I think the final product will be something you can be proud of, and I know you are already proud of me.

The idea to write a book about being a loser came to me after someone told me to write what I know. In a way I have been obsessed with the idea of being a loser my whole life. At a pretty young age I was (indirectly) told my father was a loser. When I looked at him, I did not see a loser, I just saw my dad. He loved me, he bought me comic books, read me bedtime stories, he taught me how to use a computer. He did a lot of things that showed me that he loved me. My dad also could not keep a job, did not have a strong work ethic, and would watch WAY too much TV. As a kid, you see these things and feel that your father might be a loser and you really don’t know what to think or how to really take it. All little boys grow up looking at their father and end up imitating them in some way. Knowing this I always knew I was going loving, but I was also going to be a loser.

A lot of it was because of the environment I was around. My family did not have a lot of money growing up (this is part of the reason I thought he was a loser) but they wanted me to go to a private christian school like my mom went to. To do this they had my grandfather, my dad’s dad, pay for it. In a lot of ways I think it was good that I went there, it was a good school and I think it kept me from learning about a lot of adult things to early the way a lot of other people I knew who went to public school did. But it messed me up in a way that I still have a LOT of trouble with today. Because it was a private school, and a lot of kids at a private school have parents that fill their heads with the idea that they are better than other kids that go to public school. The things is, because I did not have parents that paid for it, I did not get my head filled with thoughts that I am better, just thoughts that I am not going to succeed, because I was born a loser like the other public school kids, because I was a public school kid who got lucky.

Find your tribe they say, you will be fulfilled they say…

I have to censor myself a little now because my mom get’s these emailed right to her, and she will text me as soon as she reads it, which is miraculously 5 secs after I hit post.

Have you listened to the elvis costello album Live at Hollywood High? I am listening to is as I write this, or was before my record player just decided to stop, now I have to get up and fix it, hold on…

ok, that’s better, looks like my player does not like 45’s so I moved on to Rumors, which is a BA album if there ever was one.

Everywhere I look people are telling me to talk to my tribe, to connect with my tribe, to live among my tribe. but they all kinda act like you just put something out there and your tribe will show up, and it will take nothing more than working in the community of your tribe to be accepted. so here I am reaching out, looking for my tribe.

What I want in a tribe:

-distrust government
-christian ( or at least christian ethics)
-Tech Savvy
-Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts (willing to at least have linux on one or more computers)
-Android users
-enjoys a good beer, preferably a homebrew beer.

ok, so I am putting it out there. where is my tribe, what can I do to help you, what can I do to be a part of you.

Using AWS Means Using S3Stats


So many of you know that I am producing a podcast with my wife called Wander. It is a wonderful short story podcast and if you are not already listening to it, please start, it is great! to do this I started using AWS to host the files. I did not want to host the files on the same place as the website incase something broke, also I like that AWS lets me pay for what I use, which is not much, so it is very cheap for now. the problem I had was I had zero stats. it was not on my server so my regular analytics would not capture it, I needed a new way to get stats. I tried the blubrry stats, and they are OK, but I wanted to something that would give me a better clue as to how the files themselves were being used. that is where S3Stat came in. the stats are amazing, they give you a free month and have something they call the cheap bastard plan, which is where they ask you to write a blog post about them and then they give you the plan for free (can you guess why I am writing this).

I do have to say the stats have been great and have shown us that most people right now are finding the site directly through word of mouth, which is great, but it also lets me know that if we start doing some promotion and social sharing we can grow even bigger.